Dear Josephite

Your Alma Mater is proud of you and your achievements. The college has been rendering yeoman service to the poor and the marginalised in various walks of life. The management and the college administration have been helping the deserving students in various ways. Every year the management comes out with different schemes for the benefit of the poor students. Midday meals scheme is one of the important schemes which has been in practice for more than fifteen years. Around 400 students benefit out of this scheme.

The alumni association also distributes scholarships to the poor and deserving students. It has been reaching out to the deserving students at two levels.

  1. Providing scholarship to the tune of Rs 100,000 every year. It will be enhanced depending on the support extended by the alumni.
  2. Creating scholarship endowment. The association is planning to create an endowment for the purpose of distributing scholarship. The interest alone will be used and efforts will be taken to strengthen the fund so that the fund is intact.

Therefore your support to the deserving students who are currently studying is welcome. Your support to your alma mater may be in the form of financial assistance according to your capacity or sharing of your knowledge and experience to the present generation or in kind for the development of your Alma Mater.

Please stay connected with the undersigned to extend your support.


Rev.Fr.U.Godwin Rufus SJ.,
The Director, Alumni Association,
St Joseph’s College,
Trichy – 2.